Dermarubber S

Dermarubber S is a liquid membrane in elasto-bituminous solution with special fibre-reinforced macromolecules that make the dry product waterproof and highly elastic. Dermarubber S has a double function:

  • as waterproofing: on cement or tiled laying surfaces which have lost their waterproofing
  • as glue: to glue tiles directly on horizontal or vertical bituminous waterproofing laying surfaces (prefabricated or liquid membranes), cement or old tiled surfaces and to glue shower trays etc. The product is sensitive to UV rays and when applied as a finish, coating should be protected by one or two coats of Reflex, Reflex AR or Dermacolor.

Technical Data

Specific Weight 1.09 ± 0,05 Kg/dm3
Drying at 23°C Surface 1 h to touch 3 h
Load at Break 1.04 ± 0.10 N/mm2
Elongation at Break 1600 ± 200%
Coverage Laying Surface
Approx. 1 kg per sq.m. in 2 coatings Clean and dry as waterproofing and approx. 1 kg per sq.m. as glue


Preconco Meridian Caribbean Windows Creative Paving Solutions Inc. Caribbean Homes Ltd. DuraTile Inc.