Cement Tiles
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Manufacturing Process


The Cement Tile is made of Portland Cement, Sand, Water and Iron Oxide for Colour. The raw materials are precisely mixed to ensure consistency and extruded through high pressure sections onto shaped molds, which are then cut into individual Tiles and have screw holes stamped. The Tiles are then removed and placed onto a pallet, which is packed on the yard to await delivery. The system is highly automated, with people overseeing the quality of the Tiles through each stage of production.

Loading & Delivery

Local: For local delivery, the Tiles are packed by hand, singly but tightly together onto a Flat Bed Truck with approximately 750 Tiles per Truck Load.

Regional: For regional delivery, The Tiles are palletized, strapped and loaded by Forklift onto either a Flat Rack (where they are further secured) or into a Dry Container, with approximately 5,000 – 6,000 Tiles per Flat Rack or Dry Container.

Client Consultation

When our Sales Representative meets with a Client, whether it is on site or at the office, they are many issues which arise for discussion. Mainly, clients are informed about the benefits of the cement Tile, and assured of its quality. The Client as well as our Sales Representative also takes this opportunity to discuss colour choice, time frame for completion of the job and of course price. At this time, or at their convenience, CemTile is provided with a Roof Plan of the Client’s home so that a free quotation can be provided.  Or, if the Client prefers, our Company can take physical measurements of the roof  in order to get a more accurate and precise measurement.

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